What Sets Me Apart from Other Agents?

1. I am a full-service agent.
2. I am the only agent you will work with.
3. I set up the showings, prepare the house by turning on lights, etc, for the showings and personally accompany all showings.
4. I communicate with the agents who show your home in order to receive feedback on the showings. Then I call you immediately with
the feedback.
5. I make suggestions to prepare your home for showings and do all I can to implement these suggestions.
6. I review the progress with you regularly so that we can get the house sold as quickly as possible at the highest price.
7. I personally hold the house open as often as you would like.
8. I negotiate in a professional manner with other agents and never let my ego get in the way. I always consider your best interests first.
9. I negotiate the best possible price for escrow and title fees.
10. I personally attend all inspections during the escrow period.
11. I communicate personally with the escrow officer on a regular basis in order to ensure that the escrow is moving along in a timely fashion.
12. I go over all documents and disclosures with you so that you understand what you are signing.
13. I communicate with the buyers' lender and monitor the progress with their loan throughout the escrow.
14. I do everything I can to ensure that the escrow closes on time.